We are proud to offer the eyeplan care scheme. Eyeplan is a fantastic way of looking after your eyes and receiving great value from Philip Jones Opticians. Eyeplan schemes take care of members whatever stage of life they are or whether they prefer contact lenses, spectacles or both.

Contact Lenses

Thanks to new designs and materials, modern contact lenses are very affordable and comfortable. These days they usually cost no more than a pair of glasses and you will soon forget you are even wearing them.


Frames and Lenses

Not just about the ability to see well, your spectacles have become a fashion accessory and a statement about you.


Eye Exam

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive eye examination, whether it is private or NHS; our experience and dedication helping to achieve the best possible vision whilst continually monitoring the health of your eyes.


Community Eye Care

We can now see people with eye conditions that may not necessarily require a sight test. These may include, dry eyes and blepharitis, red eyes or flashes and floaters.
Patients can self refer or be referred by GPs, pharmacists or other optometrists.
After examination, the patient may be managed within the practice, referred to a GP or on to the Hospital Eye Service, as appropriate.
This service is open to patients whose GP is within the Morecambe Bay area.

Low Visual Aids

If the optometrist finds that your vision cannot be improved by medical or surgical treatment, you may be recommended to have a low-vision assessment. At this appointment, the optometrist can advise you about lighting and  low vision aids.
This may be done through the NHS or privately; please ask about eligibility.